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Thread: STXV contestants, you can post your layouts here

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    I just posted mine. What a fun kit! Haven't looked thru the gallery to do that now and leave some love. :)
    Hope I did this right, lol!

    Guess I didn't. Here's the link, anyway.

    Trying again :}

    Last try:

    Oh well.....
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    Here is mine...Good Luck Everyone!

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    Thanks for getting my l/o up here, Cathy. I don't know what I was doing wrong....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean View Post
    Thanks for getting my l/o up here, Cathy. I don't know what I was doing wrong....
    You are welcome!

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    Here is my LO

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    What a lovely kit to play with. I haven't played with Actions yet, but am looking forward to following the instructions to download Andrea's glitter action. Here's the link for my entry:

  7. I am posting now...

  8. Unfortunately, I was an hour late posting my layout. I got confused on the posting times. Once I got the kit assignment for rnd 1, I I started on the layout and haven't been back here until this morning. I had the layout ready about 2 days ago, but I decided to post my layout, after I tool a shower. What is that saying about .."the best laid plans.."? I slipped in the shower and had the spigot (spicket) go right into my back and shoulder blade and I messed up my arm and neck trying to catch myself. Needless to say, I really hurt myself and have been in bed since then. I got up this morning and came to post my layout as soon as I got up. I realized my mistake on the time as I was about to upload. I saw the "end of rnd 1" sign blocking the Rnd 1 gallery. I asked to be allowed to finish the contest (just for the sake of finishing what I had hoped to accomplish and it's good practice for me) through Rnd 3 and then I will not submit a layout for Rnd 4, even if I do get that far, so I won't affect the scoring or real winner. I decided to post my layout for everyone to see, even if I'm not allowed to continue. Here is my layout:

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    Scarlet - I'm so sorry to hear of your mishap and hope you are okay. I did that a few months ago when my bath mat slipped when I stepped into the show, and I smashed my leg on the tub and just caught myself on time from smashing my head into the wall. My shin was so banged up, I couldn't walk for days. So I know how scary it can be. I'm sure they will take a good look at your story and hopefully the outcome will work for all!

    To the rest of you participants - what a great first round of pages that were made. I have been so impressed! Now we'll see what happens in round 2 with a new designer and new kit! Good luck to you all!

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    Oh my, I hope that your are doing better now.. so sorry to hear of your fall.

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