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    good tips

    These are good tips here I have been having the same issue trying to figure out how to organize kits. I Just download all kits to a scrapbook kit folder and I use picasa it sorta does the organizing for me and I can scroll through everything I have and when i find the perfect kit for the page I want to make I can just right click and hit find on disk and it will take me right to that kit in the folder.. But then which site and designer is another chore. but I mostly just do challenges that allow any designer and I can always find the TOU so I can be sure to give credit to the right person.

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    Picasa is a great thing indeed.
    About the credits:
    Every computer has notepad.
    If you put the info about designer and keyword (productname), plus the links to the store in there, safe the notepad in the folder of the kit, you always have the credits available!
    creative greetings,

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    Organizing Files

    Wow, everyone has such great ideas for staying organized. I wanted to be organized right from the start and set up a system and now I don't like it. As I started using kits, I realized I had deleted the creater's name from the files so now I have to open their TOU to find out whom to give credit to.

    Also I organized my kits by theme such as; Christmas, Summer, Clusters, Quickpages, etc. When I went to do a speed challenge it was awful trying to find the designer I wanted or the right element or color.

    I would like to go back and do mine like Els as hers sounds quite organized. It will take some time but I will work on it little by little. I like the idea of copying my order info into notepad and putting that in the file.

    I store my digital scrapbooking kits on an external hard drive as they take up too much room on my computer. My personal photos have been organized by family, animals, landscape, events/dates, etc and I like them that way.

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