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    Organizing Digital Kits and Files....HELP!

    I got PSE 11 for Mother’s Day! Yeah!

    Now I really need your help? Using PSE 11′s “organizer” I think I can get my personal photos into shape.

    However, I had so many kits from GDS and a few other places that were all mixed up in giant folders of (paper, elements, etc). I got so frustrated that I deleted all those massive folders and kept only my zipped folders and put them into folders by company that I got them from.

    Now I’m afraid to start unzipping them all until I have some type organizing plan…..PLEASE HELP

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    Congrats on getting PSE11!! You will love it!

    As for organizing, I have found that since I have several designers who sell at more than shop, it is better to organized the kits by<designer name_kit name> than by the shop where I got it. I keep an up-to-date list from each shop showing which designers sell there. Makes it easy to do a quick check if that designer sells at a particular forum/shop when I do the challenges. I do a check about once a month to see if there is any changes at each shop.

    I do not break up my kits by papers, elements, etc as I like to work with a complete kit and not have to go searching for what belongs in each kit.

    BTW, I love the designers who label each piece with kit-name/initials plus what the item is so that a search with the compter will bring them up.

    Have a great time with your new software.

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    Thanks for the tips "Bright Eyes". Do you just put your kits in folders on your computer or do you use "organizer" in PSE 11? Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I want to organized efficiently before scrapping some more.

    Thanks again.

    Jessie :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessieTrotter View Post
    Thanks for the tips "Bright Eyes". Do you just put your kits in folders on your computer or do you use "organizer" in PSE 11? Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I want to organized efficiently before scrapping some more.

    Thanks again.

    Jessie :)
    Jessie, I don't use the organizer in PSE11 for my kits.... I have way TOO MANY and they would fill up the Adobe Space.. prefer to put my photos there. But, even with that..I haven't organized many of my photos yet. Too many other things I have to do.

    For my kits, I store them under: My Pictures -> #1 Digital Scraping -> Designer name -> Kit Name. Since I want to also use DVDs in addition to my EHD, I have a file under "My Pictures -> #1 Digital Scraping"-> labeled ##00 New Files to save to DVD -> Designer name -> Kit Name. I use the # sign in front of those folders as that will keep them at the top of the list once I open either My Pictures and/or #1 Digital Scraping folders. This makes them easy to find and access.

    Once I have copied a kit folder to DVD, I then move it from ##00 New Files to save to DVD over to #1 Digital Scraping folder. That way I know which Kits I have copied to DVD and which I haven't.

    The folders are alphabetized according to the name of them and all the designer's kits end up together.

    This method has worked very well for me. But, you may want to organize yours differently.

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    Thank you sooooo much! I have other questions, but will be going out of town for a few days. I'll be back in touch if you don't mind.

    Jessie :)

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    Thanks for asking this question Jessie. It's been on my mind lately too and I have been meaning to ask for other forum members' suggestions on organizing kits. My system needs a make over. Right now I have all the GDS kits in a folder with each designer having a folder, but I am considering changing it up to make it easier to find things. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for the input Bright Eyes.

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    Great tips! Thank you all

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    My system is pretty similar. I have a Scrapbook folder and in that folder I have store kits. Inside the store kits, I label each folder store, designer, kit name and then in each folder I label each element by adding a color and whatever it is. Then when I'm doing challenges, I just go to the store kit and search by color. Most of my layouts are a mix of kits as a result, but I like it that way.

    Once my kit folders are labeled, I copy them to an external hard drive. On my external hard drive I have the same Scrapbook - store folders. I also have a BACK UP folder where I put new kits. I take those to my desktop computer and drag them into the store folders I have there and then drag them out of my BACK UP folder into the store folders on the external hard drive.

    I've got all my kits in three different places in case I ever have a catastrophic failure on one of them. Typing it up, it sounds like a lot of work, but it's not (other than labeling each element in the kits) and it works for me.

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    I also have a folder for GDS with folders for the designers and in that folder the scrapkits.

    But a little addition: when I purchase a kit, before I click: "to my cart" I copy the link and paste it in a notepad. Also I copy the "product-name" and put that in the same notepad. I save the notepad in the same folder as the scrapkit with the name of the scrapkit + info.

    Then, when I use a kit for a challenge, I can easily provide the credits: "product-name" goes in the "Keywords"area and the link to the product in the store-credits

    BTW, did you know you can drag photos right from the folders in your explorer into a workspace in photoshop? (don't know if it works for PSE, but I guess so)
    Just open the folder you want to work with, choose the photo(s) and drag them into your LO.
    creative greetings,

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    Thank you, everyone for your tips!

    ELS, you were right about dragging from the folder directly to least in PSE 11....great tip and will save me soooooo much time!

    Jessie :)

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