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    Quote Originally Posted by selrahcnewrad View Post
    Gotta admit my ignorance. What does ISO stand for? And what is an "enabling thread?" Can you give some examples in this forum? Also, does posting a layout in my blog count as a "gallery?"

    I had trouble with that the first time -- thought it was a camera setting LOL
    Actually it is "In Search Of"

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    Yes, ISO stands for In Search Of.

    If you find an "in search of thread", and have used a product that might be applicable to one someone is searching for, then we ask that you post a link to the product in that thread to help with marketing.

    No, Blog posting is not the same as gallery posting.
    We will have lots of tools available if you make the supreme team to help everyone with all these questions.

    We have a special forum just for our ST members where you can chat and get all the info you need.
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    I'd like to give it another try! Thank you.

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    I would like to sign up to try.

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    Great to see all the sign ups, familiar faces and new. Can't wait to see all the beautiful layouts!

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    Welcome ladies.....sign-ups updated to here!

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    Wow! Loving all these sign-ups! Great opportunity and I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun!


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    This is going to be so fun! :)

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    It's been a while, but I would like to give it a try again. Sign me up!!
    ~*~ Geri ~*~

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    I just barely found the site today and havent really dove into anything yet, but, I am always up for a good contest if you take newbies?

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