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    I am Sharon

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    What is your name?

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    My name is Els ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    Darlene, how long after the chat do we have until the layout is due? I have problems chatting and scrapping at the same time...

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    All through with taxes Cathy?

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    Boy - you'd think I wasn't organized or something!

    I've updated my plug-in and now I'm in the chat room. Let's resume there for chatting and giving instructions.

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    Darlene is in the chat room now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stmac88 View Post
    All through with taxes Cathy?
    Actually no Sharon, I am still working and have done taxes every day this week. It is amazing the number of people who have not filed yet.

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    Yeah - finally have the chat room thing fixed - so here are your first set of instructions.

    1. Have 2 - 3 photos picked out to place a little later.

    2. Pick 2 - 3 papers and layer them, making sure you can see a good portion of at least 2 of them. You can angle them or keep them straight, whatever you'd like.

    3. Create or get some shapes. They can be rectangles, squares, circles, hearts, stars - whatever you'd like. Clip papers to them and then layer them down the side of where your 2 papers meet - top to bottom. You can duplicate the shapes as many times as you want.

    4. Take the photos you've picked out (2 - 3) and tuck them into the layering you've created vertically with your shapes down your page. They can be placed on angles, or straight, anyway you'd like to tuck them in.

    5. Frame at least one of your photos. You don't have to frame them all, but at least one.

    6. Pick out at least 4 elements. They can be flowers, greenery, ribbons, anything you like. Tuck them in your vertical layering and around your photos.

    You can create a little cluster around a photo if you like, and feel free to repeat your elements. Use no more than 7 different ellies though.

    7. Create a title for your page and rotate it 90 degrees. Place it alongside your vertical clustering. If you've arranged your layered papers where this might not look the way you want - add a paragraph of journaling and place it where you see fit. You can do both if you like, but you must do one.

    So that's it ladies. You have until 3PM Eastern to post your LOs in the gallery. Post them in the Speed Scrap gallery and then link them back here so we can all see your works of art!

    Thanks so much for playing along and breaking me back into the swing of things again. As you could tell, I was a bit rusty!

    Looking forward to seeing what you've created, and check your inboxes a little later today for a little treat from me!

    Last edited by Darlene Currie; 04-20-2013 at 09:44 AM.

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    Thanks for a fun speed scrap, Darlene. It was so much fun!!

    Here is my page:

    I used Yesterdays Blooms by Studio4 and Booland Designs

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