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  1. Meet me in the Chatroom at Noon on 4.19

    I am hosting this Friday's chat (NOON EST), so won't you join me?

    I have bingo lined and ready to play, so if you want to get in on the fun...... be there!

    Instructions on How to Play BINGO!

    There are NO boards and NO dobbers (although that is my favorite part)!

    You pick up to FIVE words that are 5 letters, and those will be used as your "board". You do not have to have 5 words, but you do need five letters. If you want to do only one word, that is okay. But, the more words you have (max. of FIVE) the higher the chances are for you to WIN!

    Sample of words to use:
    today, water, blogs, funny, bunny, etc... (you get the idea)

    I will call off one letter at a time. Once I call off all the letters in ONE word, you shout out bingo, and WIN!

    It's simple. It's easy!!

    Won't you join me?

    There will be participation prize for joining me and something extra for those who win!!
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    Karen Diamond Designs
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    Hi Karen,
    Noon Eastern time?

  3. Yes, it is EST.

    Thank you so much for catching that.... I updated the first post.

    Karen Diamond Designs
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    Do we notify you of the words, or just make them up in our head?

  5. We will be playing on the thread here:

    You will be posting your words there.

    Karen Diamond Designs
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    Sorry in my rush to get my words posted I didn't see the link for the other thread.

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