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    -->Post to WIN! Sneak Peek Giveaway game for March 22<--

    Dawna from True North and I have teamed up again this week to bring you a groovy, retro, flashback of a kit that I know you will LOVE! I remember sitting in the backseat of the old Eagle playing ‘Cows’ and ‘Graveyards’ with my brother everytime we went to my Grandma’s. It took him a LONG time to realize that I only ever wanted to play on the way there, because most of the farms were on my side of the car that direction lol!

    Leave me a comment and tell me about your favorite road trip memory and I’ll pick one lucky person to win this awesome kit! Good Luck!
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    Looks like an awesome fun kit!
    Don't remember a special trip, but my dad always let us count things, to make the trip look shorter ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    dont recall sorry but thanks for the chance!
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    My favorite memory of a road trip was when my kids were young. They had to find license plates from different states as they saw them. They had to be from different states than those already called out. Boy, did that keep them busy for a few hours.

    Fun memories of how to keep the kids occupied as we drove along. We also would sing songs and play the place game.. Name place starting with A... the next person had to name a place with the ending letter of the one before. They go really good at pouring over maps, etc to find places to use.

    Lovely sneak preveiw of the kit...

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    Ahhhh, those were the days, traveling with my brother and sister in the backseat of a 4 door sedan. Of course, I had the hump, I was the youngest. Travel bingo was our favorite pastime. Something that encouraged kids to look up and take in the beauty, rather than like today where their heads are burried in video games. Remember, you could buy them at Stucky's. Who remembers Stucky's. Pecan Log and Divinity. Mmmmm.

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    Of traveling with my parents as well as road trips with our children. Love this kit. Thank you for the chance to win.
    (Lost power - hope it's not too late to finish)

    On one road trip to my parents we were encouraged to bring our dog, a St. Bernard, rather then leave him in the kennel. My son, about 6 at the time was in the back with Mugs and fell asleep across the back seat. We did not notice that Mugs decided to spread out too until we heard this faint call "Help! Help!". Mugs spread out on top of our son. No more long road trips with Mugs after that until our kids were old enough to claim their spots. Obviously, this was before car seats were mandatory. My son is now 41. :)
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    Panama City Beach

    My favorite road trip memory was our trip to Panama City Beach, Florida when I was 10 years old. There were 8 kids in our family, but this trip consisted of my parents and the the 4 youngest kids, with me being the "baby" of the family.
    I had a window seat, but rode the whole way from Atlanta to the beach with a big box fan at my feet! It took forever to get there, but it was a glorious vacation. And then on the trip home, we stopped at a little diner to eat and it caught on fire. My mom ushered us out of the diner and my dad flew to the car and quickly drove it away so it wouldn't catch fire either. Quite a memorable trip!

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    My folks and 2 of my dad's siblings had camping trailers, and every summer we would go on vacation. Between the families, there were 16 kids. We all rode in different cars, and it was so much fun to ride in the back of the station wagon with out feet sticking out the back window. Those were such fun trips. Anyway, I would love to win.

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    Yes, this looks like an awesome kit!
    My road trip memory is a funny one (depending on how you look at it)! My family would take Sunday afternoon rides for entertainment. On one particular drive, my dad hit a water puddle in the road on purpose and splashed a man who was walking on the roadside. It wasn't very nice of him and my mother, sisters, and I could not believe that he did that! Thanks for bringing back this memory for me!! LOL

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    congrats to jkarn!
    Your post was chosen by Mr Random as this week's winner!!!

    I'll be in touch with you later today with your coupon!

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