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Thread: ATC challenge swap - March

  1. ATC challenge swap - March

    Than you to those who participated in our first challenge in February.

    This month lets talk about Backgrounds.

    When you make artist trading cards, the starting point is the background.
    If you were making ATC the traditional way you could look around for sources of card with interesting patterns and textures, or you could paint your own or create backgrounds with rubber stamps.

    Digitally there are a wealth of designer papers intended for scrapbooking that can be used. Even elements such as tags or mats can make useful backgrounds. Remember we are working small.
    Look out for interesting textures like old wood or paint or I love old books and text. You don't need to reduce the size of these but just use a part of them.
    ATC are not the same as making a digital scrapbook layout so it is a good idea to look at yours on your screen at full size [3.5x2.5in]and see how it looks on an ATC. The details you put in a scrapbook layout may be lost.

    Backgrounds can also become the inspiration for your ATC.
    Maybe you see a paper that suggest something to you - go with it. Maybe it is a time of your life or a place you have visited or even a thought you have had. As you look through your scrapbook or image supplies if one grabs you try closing your eyes and seeing what images come to mind. These could be the basis for your theme.
    Another idea for backgrounds is to look at brushes or digital stamps. You could repeat a brush or stamp it big only using a part of it on your background.
    As you all use your computer you can also look at digital ways to make backgrounds. Perhaps your own photos or scans. You can even manipulate these with filters in your chosen graphic program to make backgrounds. the possibilities are endless.

    I have a gift for you but you do not have to use this to make your ATC unless you wish too. We love seeing your own creativity.
    If this inspires you you can download it here.

    You can get them here.

    The theme is open this month just think about your background and maybe share something about it - why you used it, how it inspired you. Once you have your background under control go ahead and finish your ATC off with whatever elements text photos you get inspired to use.

    The finished size should be 2.5 x 3.5inches You can work larger if you wish and downsize. I like to make mine at that size.
    You should save it as a jpg file and email it to me [fullsize pls ie 300ppi 2.5x3.5inch] at
    Also post it in the gallery here in our special album. [rezise down to 72ppi 600px.]
    At the end of the month I will send all the files to each participant [if you don't wish for this then just let me know.]
    If you wish to go hybrid and then scan at the end that is cool too as long as the finished ATC is a jpg file - at 300ppi 2.5x3.5inches.

    They will only be swapped within this group.

    As there is swapping involved you need to be careful about individual designers TOU. Many and most don't allow us to give things to others.
    We encourage the use of items you make yourself or item from GDS designers. This is not a requirement but if you use anyone not listed you must have permission to use for this purpose.
    Keep in mind we are working small and most digital scrapbook kits will not be suitable. Downsizing can change the quality of the image. That being said you may choose to use a portion or crop parts to use.

    The following designers at GDS have approved use of their products ONLY for the purposes of swapping within this group.

    Art For Scrapbooking [my ATC products and CU products may be used for swaps here and elsewhere where no payment is involved. My other products may be used for this swap.]
    Keystone Scraps
    Andrea Gold
    JAB Digital Designs
    Studio4 Designworks
    Seoul 2 Soul Scraps
    Designs by Marcie
    Eirene Designs
    Karen Diamond Designs

    So lets all have fun and have a go.
    You may even become addicted.

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    Lelystad, Flevoland, the Netherlands
    as I am allready addicted to ATC, I'm in this month again!
    creative greetings,

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Els AW View Post
    as I am allready addicted to ATC, I'm in this month again!
    Fantastic Els

  4. I'm not sure I have the ability to get into this, but the background seems an easy place to start so here is my try.

  5. I am sure you have the ability Just go with what you like. I would love to know how you created your background if you feel like sharing. The soft leaves are really pretty.

  6. Thank you. It was actually an accident. I pressed the wrong shortcut and inverted the colors on the background of a photo I took. The photo was a closeup of a flowering tree that I thought I might use as a scrapbook background. I've found on a few occasions that inverting the colors of a background in Photoshop gives surprisingly nice colors.

  7. Ah I thought it looked a bit like a negative. One of my favourite things is playing with filters and blending modes. What program do you use ?

  8. Photoshop CS5. Also sometimes some OnOne and Topaz plugins, especially to clean up photos. I like to play with blending modes also but am rarely happy with the results so usually leave it at normal. Ctr I is the command for "invert." It used to be (for me) the command for size, so I sometimes end up using it by mistake. Several times liked the effect, especially for backgrounds, so I use it occasionally on purpose. :)

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    I'll be back

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    Hi Sharon
    I need your help, please...
    I'd like to participate this month but I've deleted your message with the size in french, I don't use photoshop but printmaster and I'm lost...
    thank you so much!

    I've done two "cards":

    If I had to delete them, send me a pm, I'll do it fast!
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