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    Question Linking so photo shows in forum

    I remember seeing how to do this somewhere and can't find it. The video tutorial doesn't work because "properties" don't show up when I click on it. I tried the yellow icon and it seemed to load the img url, but nothing shows up.

    Any simple directions for a simple mind?
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    When you right click on your photo in the Gallery (not the thumbnail) is there a list where you can choose the properties?
    When you click this, is there a popup, with one url in blue?
    This one you have to copy and paste in the field of the yellow icon.
    Make sure the http:// is removed, otherwise you have it double and it won't work ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    Here are the instructions if you are using IE for your browser.... it may different with another browser.

    Once you have loaded your image into the correct gallery, right click on the photo. A pop-up will come up; at the bottom of the list is "properties". Left click on 'properties' - this will bring up a another box. In that box is "Address/URL"... mine is located about the middle of the box. Highlight and copy the complete URL [should end in .jeg]. Close that box then go to the thread and click on the yellow box and paste the url into it.

    Els... in IE, the the URL in the properties box is not blue. Also in IE when I click on the yellow box - the 'http' is covered in blue and when I do a paste, it erases the one in blue so I only have one http.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Jan 2011
    Lelystad, Flevoland, the Netherlands
    Oh, that is possible! I use Mozilla Firefox...
    creative greetings,

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    You gals are so helpful - thanks for jumping in and explaining! It can be really confusing to new people and we don't want to discourage them.

    I hope you've got it working for you now 33bells!

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    In Firefox, there is no link to properties. I tried copy location - It's not in the list. I only seem to be able to grab the page link. Maybe one of my add ons interfers?

    Els, thanks for doing it for me. Sure wish I knew why it doesn't work. I'll give it a try in Windows Explorer.

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    Properties came up in Internet Explorer and I copied the URL with the jpg at the end. Then clicked the yellow icon and pasted it. Didn't work again. Can't figure what I'm doing wrong.

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    Hi Bells... here's a video tutorial that will be helpful

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    You can find all the GDS Tutorials Here:

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    33Bells, I had Diego look at the problem with your last try in the Lyrical Challenge. Looks like there may have been 2 " hppt:// " in the code. So be sure to delete the one that is in the upload picture box [yellow with mountian] after you click on it and before you add your properties. Hopefully that will resolve any future problems with you uploading your layouts into the threads.

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