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    **L@@K** Shabby/Vintage Collection & More!!!!

    Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage because we're going to play Show & Tell!!!

    You've asked for've asked for vintage....well here's a mix of both with a sprinkle of Jill flavor on top!

    Lots of NEW NEW NEW stuff in this collection....word bits, stackers, brag book pages...
    an AWESOME alpha & date set.....
    I am IN LOVE with this collection!!!!

    Grab the MEGA KIT....add some packs or save money with the BUNDLE!!

    You can see the ENTIRE collection HERE or by visiting my store HERE

    Take a look at these wonderful layouts created using the BUNDLE!!!!!!!

    AND.....for the next 2 can get the BUNDLE for 50% OFF and each of the packs.....INCLUDING the MEGA KIT for 30% OFF! get a BONUS pack of 2 GORGEOUS clusters with the purchase of the MEGA KIT or BUNDLE!

    See how pretty???
    (my fabulous ACTM Christina made these!)

    Are you still with me??? There's more!!!

    With the help of my wonderful ACTM Saskia...I've come up with a new product to make creating GORGEOUS layouts even easier!!!


    And what are these Stackables you ask?

    It’s a pulled apart Stacker!

    You’ll receive 1 flattened stacker but the BEST part is, is that you’ll also receive each segment of the stacker in separate files to do with as you please!

    So.....with that’ll receive the background dotted paper in JPG format, the 2 side paper stacks and the two clusters in separate PNG files! Arrange the pieces to your liking.....add some more elements from my Looking Back Collection in between the layers or anywhere else you see fit....add some journaling and your favorite photo(s) and you are DONE!

    Brilliant huh?

    Drop shadows have already been added to each of the separated files (except the background!)

    One less think to worry about!

    Check out my Looking Back Stackable HERE
    (it's really kinda cool!)

    Well now that you've read this much...I hope you will go and check out this COLLECTION a little bit more!

    Don't forget.....I have a COUPON PROMOTION going on this month!!
    *hint hint*

    AND FINALLY......
    (whew...that was long winded huh?)
    .....a TEMPLATE FREEBIE to use with this COLLECTION!!!!!

    Place 1 big picture behind the grid, lots of little pictures or a combination of pictures, papers and embellishments to document a moment...a special day, a special month or even a year!

    Like a time capsule!!

    I SO hope you enjoy this Collection as much as I enjoyed creating it!!!

    Until next time!!!!
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    Wow! That was some reading to do and lot's of great things to see!
    You have done a super job on this one!!
    And thanks for the special offers ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    Oh, wow.... what a marvelous collection!!

    Really like the stackables where you can move the clusters and paper where you want! Very clever...

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    Thank you!! I thought it was pretty clever too....expect more of those!! Course I have to thank my talented team of making my vision real....I can't cluster OR stack! LOL

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    Beautiful kit!!

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    Fab new collection, Jill, love it!

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    I love the colors!!

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    What an array of gorgeousness Jill. Beautiful palette and so many goodies! Love it!

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    Thank you Darlene!! Glad I could finally get it in here and off my plate!

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    What a neat idea with the stackables. Love the colors and vintage touch to this kit.

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