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Thread: February Progressive Challenge

  1. step 2

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    My steps 1 and 2.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 535692_9d3cc5b4-f6dc-43f4-b4e2-b722da39170e_lstep1.jpg   535693_6e272b63-e521-45fc-aa62-6718940d9bec_lstep2.jpg  

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    I am a little late with uploading due to being on vacation.
    Step 1:

  5. And my 2nd step...

    Proud to be CTM for Created by Jill and ViolaMoni

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    Here is my step 2:

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    These are looking great!! :)

  8. With all of my circles on the paper....made me think of bubbles....which led to a trip we made to see the manatees on the Crystal River. It's a face only a mother could love! hahaha

    Step 2:

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    Great work ladies!! :)

  10. #40 are my step 1 & 2:
    step 1:

    step 2:

    ...I don't think this is quite right...:)
    I didn't get the part about 'like slipping a ring on a finger'...I'm thinking my hangars should have been both in front and behind the picture???!!! oh well...I did feel challenged with this step....LOL! :)
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