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Thread: February Progressive Challenge

  1. Here is my first step:

    Proud to be CTM for Created by Jill and ViolaMoni

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    Step 1.....see what a good nights sleep did! LOL

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    These are great!! Love the variety in papers..

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    Smile February Progressive 1

    I'm enjoying your challenge. Here's the link to my LO:

    Thank you for hosting,

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    Step Two:
    2. ok.. so now you want a photo.. about 4 x6 landscape... and you need to position this so that the bottom of the photo is just over the join between your two top patterns and near the middle of the layout. If you've got your *join* at the top of your page you'll have to reverse some of these instructions. Now you're going to find a shape and duplicate it, then use the shapes as hangers. ie: like putting a ring on your finger, you'll put one end of your photo through one shape, and do the same to the other side of you photo. Now you'll have to find a ribbon or chain or something to *hang* your photo holders to the top of your layout. FUN??? LOL

    Post your layout by Sunday, February 17, 2013 The next step will be posted Monday, February 18 2013

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    Yeah, sure!
    creative greetings,

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    step 2, using the ribbon from "Cherished Bounds" by HollyAnn.
    My shape is from Photoshop: a paperclip.

    Not sure if my idea is right, but I like it ;-)

    creative greetings,

  8. Oh, this is gonna be interesting! hahahah.....let me go ponder for a while!

    Jessie :)

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    Oh, what a fun step....

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    I guess LOne will make our step 3 and 4 very "memorable" (aka challenging) in time for her :-)

    Here's my step 2


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