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    big Hallo from Austria!

    Now I want to introduce myself.
    I'm very happy and want to thank you that I could be a new Designer here at GDS and that I joined this great community.

    To myself:
    My name is Verena *lol* and I live with my husband and my 2 wonderful childrens (Katharina 10.14.03 and Sophie 06.04.06.) in a little village
    near the capital Vienna in Austria.
    I love Digital Scrapbooking very much and my whole nights belongs to them *hehe*

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me

    happy day
    Smiles Verena

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    Welcome Verena - I am so glad that you have decided to join us here and am really looking forward to getting to know you! Your kits are fab and can't wait to work with them :)

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    Jan 2007
    Glad to have you with us Verena...your kits are amazing and I can't wait to get the chance to play with them.


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    So glad to have you!
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    Nice to know a bit about you - I'm looking forward to getting to know you even more!

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    Dec 2006
    Woodstock, Illinois, USA
    Welcome - and how neat is that - that you are from Austria.

    Guess WHAT! My husband's last name is Ehrenhofer (as in von Ehrenhofer) and his grandmother and father (Rudolph) came over from Austria in 1921 during the mass exodus after the war. We went to Vienna, Austria (and Salzburg) twice about 10 years ago - to visit his ancestrial country - and to try to find some Ehrenhofers - not many in the phone book there either. My husband's father said he was from Vienna - but we could not find any records of his birth there - so we guess that he was from a small village close to Vienna - who knows - maybe YOURS! And then we visited once again with our teenage kids (at the time).

    I loved your country and Vienna (and Salzburg) - the historical ferris wheel which we took a ride on and the palaces are beautiful. I especially loved the Johann Strauss concert in the park and the Mozart concert in the hall. You have a VERY inspirational area to design from. The architecture is beautiful and the people are very friendly. The mountains in Austria are gorgeous and breathtaking! A beautiful country that was the cultural center for art and music - and still is.

    I'll have to pull out some of our my Austria photos and scrap some for you sometime with your gorgeous kits - I too am going to go broke from buying them here.


    We do not stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing.

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    As you know... we are just thrilled to have you join us! Welcome to GDS Verena.. can't wait to see more of your sweet family and your homeland there in Australia!

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    Welcome Verena!!!
    I'm loving your kits!!!
    I hope you love it here, I know I do!!

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    I love your designs, I can not wait. You are so talented... I am glad to have you hear...

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    thank you very much girls!

    Helen: thats great... I cannot wait to see your photos... the world is little.. isn't it? *lol*
    Smiles Verena

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