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    Llandyfriog, Wales, UK

    My new and exciting life

    Hi everybody!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I had a fantastic time in London and Wales and tell you a bit about my adventures. The trip from my parents(whom I had stayed with for a couple of days prior to my journey) to London was an adventure in itself as I had decided to travel by train this time. I was really surprised how quick and comfortable that journey was - Germany to London, UK in just under 7 hours - wooowww! I can still remember the days when this same trip took nearly 2 days because one had to cross the Channel by ferry!

    New Years Eve in London with the love of my life was really wonderful, too! We first had a Champagne Afternoon Tea at the Portrait Restaurant which is situated on the top floor of the National Portrait Gallery and boasts an awesome view across the rooftops of London. The Tea was absolutely delicious - we had salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, brownies, toffees, carrot cake and scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and as much English Breakfast tea as we wanted. Afterwards we took a leisurly stroll through London's theatre land towards the Prince of Wales Theatre where we watched the fabulous Beatles revival show "Let it Be". After the show we wanted to make our way down towards the Thames to watch the fireworks - alas, there were so many people there already that for securitiy's sake police had cordoned off the whole area and we only made it as far as Big Ben. But it was a wonderful experience nevertheless. We spent two more days in London, exploring, meeting friends and on January 2nd we went by train to my future home in South-West Wales.

    My stay there was a sort of a test-run to see whether I could really see myself living there in the future and also to find out whether Patrick and I would get along on an ordinary day to day basis. Well, I can and we are! Nevertheless it will mean a lot of adjustments on both sides and really and truly it will also mean a fairly different way of life for me. I am looking forward to it tho and am quite excited about it.

    I will move to Wales on March 28th this year and have now 1001 things to do before I leave Germany. So I hope I will be forgiven if I limit my appearances around digiscrapping land to an absolute minimum until then. When I'm settled in my new home I want to get back to CT'ing on a regular basis again and I'm sure that my new environment which is absolutely stunningly beautiful in a kind of rugged, rough sort of way will inspire me in many ways.

    I will pop in here tho from time to time to see what you gals are up to and possibly even do the odd LO or two, so you won't get rid of me that easily.

    Lots of love and all the very best to all of you

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    Wow, Andrea, sounds like a great trip, and what an exciting time for you with the new move and all. I hope it all goes smoothly for you and you have a great time making new friends and exploring. I really envy you living there as some of my forebears came from Wales (Merthyr Tydfil & Llandilo Fawr in Carmarthenshire) not that long ago. Keep us updated with some layouts of your new surroundings and new sorts of fun things to do; I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your adventures in Wales!

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    How exciting for you! That sounds like an amazing trip. Hope the move goes smoothly.

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    Wow Andrea, what an amazing experience that was for you. So glad that your life is moving in such a wonderful direction for you!
    We will greatly miss you around GDS, so please make sure to keep us informed how you are doing, and will look forward to you getting back to your CTing once you get moved!
    We want to see layouts of your adventures!

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    Andrea, sending you the best wishes for this new fabulous adventure. Wow, new home in a new country! Glad you let us know what is happening in your life. We will miss seeing your pages and posts - but know you will be back here soon with even more delightful pages and posts.

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    My heart is just exploding with happiness for you Andrea. It sounds like a trip from the show "The Bachelor"! I'm so glad you had a fabulous trip, and even happier to know that the adaptation will be comfortable for you. That's so important oncfe the "teenage" phase cools a bit.

    That is one big move and change for you, but it's all so very exciting and we can all feel your excitement even though emails are basically "expressionless". I only wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. You have a lot on your plate right now, but really looking forward to you settling back down and getting back to the hobby you love. You will have a beautiful stash of pictures to scrap by then I'm sure. Maybe a "moving" kit is in order?!!

    Best of luck to you hun!

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    Lelystad, Flevoland, the Netherlands
    Andrea, I wish you and Patrick all the best in your new life!
    Hope to see you back soon, with ofcourse wonderful pictures in beautiful LO's!!
    creative greetings,

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    This is such fantastic news Andrea! And gives me a lot of new hope... I'm so glad for you, and hope you enjoy every moment, every up and down, the whole adventure!

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    What a fun trip you had! And a new place to live too! Moving is always hard but you'll have new adventures awaiting you. Plus that scenery!

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    Sounds like a wonderful time, I hope you settle into your new life and home, all the best for a wonderful future.

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