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  1. UNzip FIles - including .RAR on my Mac

    I have had a lot of success in my MAC operating systems with a free program called UNARCHIVER...

    It works on many files at a time and does RAR... It even "unarchives" as much as it can if a file is incomplete!

    I got it in the Apple APP store for free!!

    Hope this helps someone, I saw another thread on unzipping files but nowhere did it say about us "Mac" people and it was a closed thread so I hope you don't mind I started this thread!!

    Happy New Year from Texas!! Linda
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    Thanks so much for sharing that tip Linda. I'm a Mac user and I've always used Stuffit. I've never had problems with it. It zips and unstuffs files. Yours sounds like a good one too!

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    Current Mac OSX versions usually unzip and zip seamlessly through the OS (using built-in Archive Utility). Double-clicking should do the trick.

    I also use StuffIt Deluxe, which is a for-pay program, but they have a simple app for decompressing all kinds of files (stuffed, zipped, RAR, etc), for free. Go to Aladdin Systems for the free Expander for Macintosh. For Windows user, go here.

  4. "Unstuff"

    The problem that I have encountered is that with my satellite internet - often on large files I get an error and it will not extract anything!! With this program I am usually able to get all or most of the files - plus it does the foreign files without asking like .rar!!

    Just sharing my success, if you have reliable internet, you may never have problems with unstuffing!!

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    what do people use who do not have a mac? I unzip one file at a time, which takes a looong time, so would love to find a program that will unzip many at once.

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    When I had. Windows computer I used to use Winzip, it used to be free..
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  7. I discovered Unzipthemall just recently. Its free and hasn't been updated for along time, but it works perfectly.
    And its so good to just select the files you want unzipped and hit start :)
    You can select which folder you want the files unzipped into as well.

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    I also use UnZip Them All.

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