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  1. Wacom Bamboo tablet ????

    Can anyone recommend the best one to buy....size, etc. How do you benefit most from yours? Thanks for any input, thinking about asking one for Christmas.

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    I have one, but really don't use it. Keep saying I will, but just never have time to figure it out.

    I would say it is a personal preference of which one, based on what you plan on using it for.

    Are you designing, or just scrapping? etc....

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    I have the Bamboo Pen & Touch.. love it and use it all the time for designing. I don't use it as much for just scrapping unless I am extracting or erasing as it is much more precise than using the mouse. Some find they use theirs in place of their mouse, I prefer to use the mouse when just scrolling or doing general computer stuff, though it does come in handy when the mouse batteries are flat. I have the 7" x 9".
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    I use mine for scrapping. Just have to stick with it and use it I'm afraid to tell you LOL. Takes a while, I'm still grappling with mine but am 'slowly' liking it.
    We'll probably just get used to this and something else will come along aaahhhh!!!!! technology- don't you just love it???????

  5. I have one small and old model, that I bought on my country´s equivalent to e-bay and love it - I use it for extractions, to doodle, and sometimes to add small bits of my handwriting to layouts.

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    Yes, I have one too. I have the "in-between" size. I did not buy the most expensive one, but I also steered away from the cheapest. The size is great for designing.

    It takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it's great. As with anything, there's a little learning curve, but it's worth it.

    I use mine for designing, but like Vicki, if I'm just doing regular computer stuff, and I do freelance graphic design as well, I use the mouse. It's just easier and quicker for me as I've been doing for so many years. It's just habit.

  7. I have both a larger one and the small Bamboo -- LOVE them but don't have room on my workdesk for either one. Never actually used the mouse that comes with it on the tablet but love the exactness of placement you can get using the pen after a very little bit of practice using and placing it. If you can use a mouse in PS or PSE, you can use a tablet. The large one seems like it would be more useful BUT actually I found that the smaller one works just as well and takes up so much less room on the desk.

    it works just like the mouse on the mousepad -- you don't need a mousepad the same size as your screen and the tablet works similarly. the only limitation might be drawing a continuous line ...

    Wacom has come out with a pen that allows you to (I think it does this) use ANY computer screen like it is a touch-sensative screen but I might be wrong. Do research on the pen before going for a tablet that uses more space on your desk. I think the pen is about $99 (US$) and the small tablet with the software suite runs around $199 (last time I checked it out). I haven't actually checked out the tablet deals since Windows 8 came out -- but did see an online ad for the pen not too long ago. the pen is on my wish list

    BUMMER! It is a stylus (and there are other styluses too and apps) to use on the iPad and other mobile devices with a touch-sensative screen! BUMMER! I want one of these for my computer that uses bluetooth ... **sigh** I thought I had heard about one ...

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