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Thread: Scrapbooking class at church

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    Scrapbooking class at church

    I hope this is the right place to post this.

    I am starting a scrapbooking class at my church and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions or thoughts that I could use in getting this started. I know I lot of the ladies that will be coming are first timers so I really need some supplies. I have a few supplies but need to know what I need to get so that everybody will have at least one page to take home with them to put in an album.

    I would appreciate any advice or suggestions as to what supplies I should provide for the first class. Hoping to get this kicked on Saturday-August 4th so I have time to get supplies.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Hi Sally,

    We have a cd that is almost completed that we may be able to give you with all kinds of resources that might help you explain things, etc...

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    That would be awesome!



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    Will it be a paper class, or digi? If you have the digi available to show them that would be great! Or show them how to print the digi for use as paper scrapping...Best of luck on the class! I really enjoyed the group that I scrapped with, way back when.
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    scrapbooking class at church


    Should I send my mailing address for that cd or should I wait until it is ready and pm it to you? I am excited and hoping that this class really gets kicked off with a lot of particpation. I have been looking forward to this class at this church.

    Thanks for everything and I truly love this site.


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