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Thread: New from NC

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    New from NC

    My name is Nan aka Nanscraps. I currently live in Charlotte, NC. I discovered digi about 3 years ago and never looked back; abandoned quilting, sewing, knitting. This is a very neat hobby in more ways than one, including no mess! I am a digi friend of Els AW and she told me about this site. Now if I can just post in the threads of the challenges. So far I have been blocked. Not sure what that is all about. Thought maybe I needed to introduce myself so here I am.

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    Welcome to GDS Nan. So glad you found us. I am sure you will enjoy Els challenge. I believe there is a minimum number of posts before you can add links/images but I can see yours in the challenge thread so I guess it must be sorted.

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    Welcome, Nan. So glad Els steered you to this forum. We have lots of fun. Yes, it usually takes a minimum number of posts before you can put images in the challenges. So keep on posting and your images will be showing up in the threads.

    Any questions... ask and someone will try to get the answer for you.

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    Hi Nan - so glad you were steered here by Els! She's a keeper so I'm sure you are as well! Your name sounds so familiar. Well, looking forward to getting to know you. A couple more posts and you'll be seeing everything! It's just a precaution here at GDS to help stop spammers mostly. They're everywhere!


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    Hi Nan, glad you find your way to GDS!

    Never heard of the minimum postings (guess I was right away LOL!) but if so, just keep on posting! ;-)

    Tip: give some comments on LO's in the Gallery and in no time you have your postings!
    Anyone knows what that minimum is?
    creative greetings,

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    Welcome Nan! So glad Els brought you here!

    We have a niece who lives in Charlotte. Her hubby works in the Nascar industry!

    I am not sure about the minimum you can see, I don't have that problem, They call me Chatty Cathy! ROFLMBO!

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