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Thread: December Progressive Challenge

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    Sure hope this is close to what you described, lol!

    Step 4

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    Looking GREAT! super job!!

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    Hope you don't make us do a big journaling, cause I don't have much space left...
    Didn't use a tree, since this is not a Christmas LO ;-)

    image is linked to the gallery
    creative greetings,

  4. step 4

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    Fun additions for this step.

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    Lemme tell ya I really had to dig deep on this one lol
    Lemme tell ya why... Obviously I didn't read everything otherwise I would have noticed that it said a Christmas theme so I was going with something totally different until I get to part 4 where it said ornaments and trees lol. I was like oh what a pickle I am in now lol. So I searched and I searched and I happened upon a very old kit in my stash and it is from 2008 called Christmas Magic and its a GDS collab and lo and behold it assisted me quite nicely in obtaining the effect I needed. This is a reminder to self for the future to read everything lol. Okay anyways lol Here is mine. I hope it is like what we're supposed to be going for lmao

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    Belleville, Illinois
    Brooke, it looks wonderful! Those colabs are great and you can find some awesome stuff in them!

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    Here is my step how this is turning out!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    These are all amazing ladies!! I love to see them all evolve! :) Great work!!

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