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    Wow! How super cool! :)

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    That is so awesome. There is nothing better than those proud Mama moments in life


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    Sweet of you to show us her proud moment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darlene Currie View Post
    You are one proud Mama - congrats to you both. Big accomplishments. I was a diver when I was younger. You have to be fearless that's for sure! It's a fun sport and I hope she keeps up with it. Maybe one day we can all say we saw that Olympians first back dive!
    I'm hoping she will too. You can never tell though. Her coach is great, if we can't make practice for whatever reason, its no big deal. no makeups, no reprimands. He just wants them to come and have fun. His hopes is that he will have them later on too. She has no fear of anything and has always been that way so that helps.

    So you were a diver too, did you keep up with it?

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    Thanks ladies. I'm enjoying being the proud parent. :) It certainly is a different feeling.

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