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Thread: Gotta share this....

  1. Gotta share this....

    Okay my daughter loves to dive. She started on the dive team this year which started mid october. Before that she took a class that was only 6 classes. She finally got to do a back dive for the first time last night. I got it on video. Before this they put a mat on the board, the kids lay down, and the instructor picks up the mat and dumps the kids in backwards into the pool. She was so excited!


  2. AWW how cool I bet she was excited.

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    How old is this talent?
    creative greetings,

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    That is super Marcie!

  6. She is only 8 soon to be 9 but looks like a kindergarner/possibly first grader. She said it was like doing a back bend into the water!

  7. Awww... good for her! That was great that you shared that with us! Thanks!

  8. Thanks. :)

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    That is so neat for her! Thanks for sharing her special moment with us.

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    You are one proud Mama - congrats to you both. Big accomplishments. I was a diver when I was younger. You have to be fearless that's for sure! It's a fun sport and I hope she keeps up with it. Maybe one day we can all say we saw that Olympians first back dive!

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