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    Gotta share this....

    Okay my daughter loves to dive. She started on the dive team this year which started mid october. Before that she took a class that was only 6 classes. She finally got to do a back dive for the first time last night. I got it on video. Before this they put a mat on the board, the kids lay down, and the instructor picks up the mat and dumps the kids in backwards into the pool. She was so excited!


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    AWW how cool I bet she was excited.

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    How old is this talent?
    creative greetings,

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    That is super Marcie!

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    She is only 8 soon to be 9 but looks like a kindergarner/possibly first grader. She said it was like doing a back bend into the water!

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    Awww... good for her! That was great that you shared that with us! Thanks!

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    Thanks. :)

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    That is so neat for her! Thanks for sharing her special moment with us.

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    You are one proud Mama - congrats to you both. Big accomplishments. I was a diver when I was younger. You have to be fearless that's for sure! It's a fun sport and I hope she keeps up with it. Maybe one day we can all say we saw that Olympians first back dive!

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