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Thread: Week 2 Lessons

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    Week 2 Lessons

    Here you will find all of the lessons for Week 2. Please click on the links and save the lessons to your computer.

    GDS PSE Lessons for Week 2

    Please post in this thread if you need help or have a question.

  2. I received a reply to my questions but the request was for instructions on page 5 of lesson 1, week 2 using the rectanglular marquee tool with New, Add to and subtract from and intersect. On that page I see 2 rectangle's in the box and on pg.6 are 2 other shapes and I am unable to do that whole section. Sorry but I am very confused. I was able to do the lasso tool as in your instructions. Thanks Minnetta

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    Week 2: Lesson 1 & 2 Layouts

    LO #1: Shapes

    LO #2: Effects

    I extracted the section of the bin I wanted to use and cut the background popcorn paper to fit the bin and the film strip, used shadows, bevels, and glow effects. To make the word art visible I changed the color of the glow to red in the Layer Styles drop down menu. (Psst M, you can also change the color of shadows there.)

  4. I love what you have done, I think this is one of your monsters or a cousin, so cute an love the popcorn, I have so much to learn, about design and PS elements, well done Birdee :)

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    LOL! It's the tiny monster being the center of attention once again. Thanks Princess! ;)

  6. Will I ever get this good ??

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    Yes, yes, yes! By next week! LOL!

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