HEY EVERYONE! See us in the chat room!

Here is the basic Speed Scrap info:

Starting at the top of the hour, I will post your first instruction, followed by 1 more step every ten minutes through the hour!

At the top of the second hour, I will post the last instruction and then you'll have 1 additional hour to finish and post your LOs.

Some important things to remember to make the Speed Scrap go a bit smoother:

- The instructions/steps are all pretty self-explanatory, but also remember that you can interpret them creatively. We aren't drill sergeants. Do the best you can on the instructions, but don't freak out over them. Be creative! We won't disqualify you!!

- You can use a template if you want

- Go Digital products are NOT required, but of course, we love it when you use them!!

- I will re-cap all the steps/requirements at the end of the hour.

Please don't stress! Speed scraps are fun. Just take the steps to mean what you think they mean and have fun!!!

See you at the Speed Scrap!