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Thread: And the reason we are here....

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  1. And the reason we are here....

    Ever wonder & get so lost in digi-scrapping that you lose track of why we're here? I'm so guilty of this while I'm running around dealing with the!

    I was talking with one of the GDS Designer's recently, discussing all the ins and outs of digi-scrapping from our different perspectives and was brought back to the real reason why I love this craft... Creating the keepsakes for our loved ones for generations to come.

    and then, I was strolling through the gallery and saw this...

    ...just imagine how meaningful such a layout will be about 3 generations forward for her family. No staring at a black and white photo from a box or album wondering who this is... they will know who she is and how loved she was too!

    Of course there are hundreds and hundreds of other wonderful examples in the gallery that are testament to how meaningful and precious what we create are...

    No wonder we love our digi-scrapping...
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    What a great thought and yes: beautiful Memory!
    creative greetings,

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    Too true Debra. That is TOTALLY the reason I got into scrapping. After my parents died when I was very young, the photos disappeared. So I wanted to make sure my kids had something to remember their and my generation.

    We should have a credit and shout-out for the lovely LO.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    You are so right, Debra! It was my motivation for getting into digiscrapping, also, and I wanted to make the genealogical research I was doing more interesting for other members of the family, by doing scrapbook pages and books with the photos and stories of these people they'd never met. That page you showed is a wonderful example of how to do exactly that!

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    Another good reason for digi-scrapping is that I have 5 adult children, lots of grandskids... and more great-grands coming along. I can a heritage layout like you have done... or other speical memoris of the family... and send ALL of them a copy of the pages. I tried to do duplicates in paper scrapping but it was too much effort. Love that I can make copies of any of my pages so they can all have them.

    Great reminder of WHY we digi-scarp as we sometimes get too wrapped up in the actual making of the pages and lose sight of the real value of what we are doing.

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    Such an incredible page! Makes me want to scraplift the idea and do one for my grandmother.

  7. How beautiful. It is wonderful to see layouts like this. I started digital scrapbooking to make albums for my children's 21st. My son is very digital oriented so I learnt to do his that way. The girls got hybrid ones.

    I got all my mum's albums when she died and she had heaps of her mothers and even grandmas photos. First thing i did was scan them all and put on discs and gave to all my sisters. I later gave relevant photos to aunties and cousins so there are lots of copies to get passed on.
    Now I am doing my MIL's albums. My youngest daughter has been expressly told she is in charge of ensuring they don't get lost lol.

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    What a beautiful layout, it is the reason I scrap too. I have many old photos of my Grandmother, she died when I was 12, I never got around to asking my Mum & aunts about all these photos so there are many questions that I will never have to pass down.

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    Debra, that's a gorgeous layout you've spotted in the gallery and perfect for your thread's subject!

    I got started with the digital form of scrapbooking in early 2008 because I had only a couple of months to put together a genealogical scrapbook as a wedding gift for my niece, there was NO WAY I'd ever get it done the paper way in such a short period of time.

    I've literally thousands of photos and negatives of both my father's and mother's families all waiting to be scanned (I've done a few hundred already), as well as hundreds of my own family. Once I started designing, that task, along with my desire to research, document and publish the information, fell by the wayside. Seeing the lovely layout above by kdk929, rekindles my desire to document everything for my descendents. Oh, if only there were more time....
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  10. I'm with you, Rose. When I (and my sister, Holly) really dived into digi-scrapping, my sweet Dad took the time to scan all the old photos from his side and I did my Mom's side... I've scrapped a few very meaningful keepsake layouts and my kids love the books... I've even given some pages as Christmas gifts of the heritage ones to my Aunts and Uncles who have found them to be real treasures as well.

    As sentimental as I am, I can't tell you how important those pages are to me that my children have them to pass along and remember a piece of where they come from.

    Great to hear that you're inspired too!

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