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Thread: Getting your head around time zones

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  1. Getting your head around time zones


    Some tips for managing time zones.

    GDS times are EST [Eastern Standard Time for the US and Canada]
    This is used during winter. [Starts around early November]
    This varies slightly to EDT [eastern daylight time] by one hour.
    This is used during summer.[starts around March 10th]

    EST is 5 hours behind of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

    Some options :

    You can look up times worldwide at
    NEW YORK is EST so use that and you know the time at GDS.

    Add a second clock to your desktop. I use Win7 on a dell and have the option to add a gadget. I rightclick on my desktop – click on gadgets – add a clock and set it to EST.

    You can also change the time displayed at the bottom of the forum to EST. I find this is great as I can quickly look down and see it. After all I know my own times as it is on the bottom toolbar and my watch.

    To do this login to the forum. You will see this. Just click on User CP

    Next you get to this screen. Go down to Edit Options.

    Change the time zone to Eastern time as shown. Now whenever you are in the forum you will see the current GDS time down the bottom.

    I hope that helps. Any problems just yell [loudly cause I am in Australia]
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