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Thread: Hello

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    Welcome to GDS, Brooke. I'm sure you'll get your problem ironed out, thanks to the help from BrightEyes. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask, as someone (designer or member or moderator) will always be around to help.

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    Well I thank all of you for the warm welcome and I am sure it will all sort itself out soon lol. Maybe I just get too anxious to jump in with both feet. lol

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    Welcome Brooke! Glad you found GDS. It seems lately you have to have around 10 posts and then things seem to kick in. There are some glitches with the site right now, so hopefully they'll all ironed out soon. But make yourself at home!

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    I hope one of those glitches is being able to log in to the store. I made it in one time and then it kicked me right back out. lol

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    Brooke - you have to register separately for the store and for the Forum. Have you done that? Perhaps that's a reason why, give it a try anyway. It's hard to pinpoint right now because of the few little glitches!

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    Oh I've been a customer of the store for a long time lol
    And it lets me in but then after a few trips around the store
    it wants to boot me out lol. I am just not having too much
    luck right now am I? but that will change lol

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    Hello and welcome Brooke! Hope things start going better. I too have had a lot trouble with the store the past week and have emailed them about to see if they have an idea of what is causing it. Hopefully it will be better soon. Look forward to seeing your layouts soon.

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