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Thread: help with title

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    help with title

    Hi! Does anyone have any clever ideas for a title for this photo. It will be a single photo lo of when my son ate ice cream at the ice cream parlor and his loose tooth fell out. His expression is priceless. I am just stuck trying to come up with anything....

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    Maybe "My Tooth!!"
    creative greetings,

  3. How about "Oh no!" or my daughter's favorite "Oops".

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  4. What a great photo. My first thought was 'OOPS'
    Then I thought 'What about the tooth fairy ?'

  5. It screams "Uh oh" to me!

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    Hope I didn't swallow that!

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    Oh No!

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    Oh! What should I do now?"

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    you could put a *tooth* in the icecream so it's clear what's happened and the caption.. *the ice cream TOOK it!*

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    Oh no...I think I swallowed it!!!
    Priceless picture!

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