I figured since I was joining in on the contest (a little late but better than never), I should probably introduce myself! I've been in the digi-scrap world for a little over a year now and even tried my hand at designing (and failed miserably for lack of organization and too many personal events more than anything >.<), but now I'm back after a break.

I've lurked this forum off and on in that time but never really gave it a try. So far, I'm liking how friendly everyone here is. It's both refreshing and inspiring!

So a little about me? I'm a gamer mom first and forthmost, I love video games, my boyfriend loves video games and I'm from the generation of video games! hehe. I love horror movies, crafts (crochet for the most part) and pixel art! Minecraft is my current game obsession. :)

I'm a 35 year old SAHM looking for a part time job in this wonderful economy living in Maine (USA). Suffice to say, I have my tough times and good times but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I love making new friends and not afraid to tell people like it is. Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you, and good luck to those trying their hand in the contest as well!