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Thread: Sneak peek - name and win - WE HAVE A WINNER.

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Angelic Moments

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    How about: "Teal We Meet Again"

  3. How about Classic Patina?

  4. beautiful page!:)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bingomama1966 View Post
    How about: "Teal We Meet Again"

  6. LoL OMG we have a winner and that's a coincidence.
    Congratulations Bingomama - it must have been Karma cause you made me laugh.
    I seriously have been so busy the kit is not instore but will be tonight and when it is I will send you a coupon code by private message to grab it. There might be little gifts for everyone else so watch you messages.
    Thanks ladies.

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    I thought it was funny when I put that out there
    and I was like that'll never make it lol
    Thank you very much though.

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    Congrats bingomama1966!!!!

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    Congratulation, Bingomama...

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    Lucky you - the right "bingo" number came up for you! Congrats!

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