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    I'm here in sunny California where the weather is a dry 80 degrees!


    My name is Sharon and I live in California. The weather here NEVER CHANGES! Always sunny. Rain is very seldom. When it does rain all the news channels get very EXCITED and report it over and over again. You know what? I LOVE the rain!

    I am a new scrapper. And I am mystified about how to do a layout. Oh I have the arsenal of digital kits but not enough creativity or know how. :(

    I'm glad that I found this site! :)

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    Welcome to GDS Sharon. Great name lol.
    Isn't it funny how we always like things that don't happen where we live lol. am in australia and it is sunny here most of the time too and I like rain but even more I love snow which we never get.
    You have found the right place to learn and play with your digital supplies. There is heaps of inspiration in the gallery and you could also try joining in some of the challenges.
    If you have any questions just ask too as we have many lovely helpful people here.

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    Hi Sharon!

    Thank you for the "warm" welcome! I'm sure that I will learn a lot!

    By the way did you know the meaning of the name Sharon is? Well if not, Sharon means fields of flowers. :) Beautiful name you have. :)

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    Beautiful like us lol.

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    Hi Sharon! Welcome to GDS. Glad you have joined us, and hope you find lots of inspiration!

    We have some wonderful tutorials HERE and some Wonderful Classes too!
    We also have a Super Digital Scrapbooking Beginner Gift Pack that gives you everything you need!

    Good luck, and hope to see your creations in our gallery!

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    Hi Sharon, there is a song about that: It never rains in California...
    Well, when I was over there in 2000 it was pooring!!
    We didn't like it (have enough rain here in Holland) but my cousin who lives there loved it! ;-)

    Try some challenges to start your creativity flowing, it helps a lot to get a theme!
    creative greetings,

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    Hi Sharon, I'm also here in the DRY and warm SoCal--San Diego. Let us know if you have any specific questions after you go over those tutorials. Someone's always ready to give you answers or tips, it's a very helpful place here at GDS!

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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I'll have to give the challenges a try.

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    Welcome Sharon - I can see you've been well covered here! Lots of helpful ladies that's for sure. Look forward to seeing your scrap LOs!

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