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  1. I use PSE4 and it definitely works with that. I tried it last night and loved it!! You go file>place>then choose your file that you want to open. I think it even save a little memory to work with, since my computer is so full and I run low sometimes!

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    Did you also know...if you use the selection tool and make a selection of where you want to place that item before you use the place command, it will center it in the selection rather than the whole document!!


  3. hey everyone! glad you found this useful - I saw a bunch of incoming links to my blog from this site so I had to come see what the hub-bub was about ROFL!! This does not work for Elements 2 or 3 - it DOES for 4 and 5. Not for Photoshop 6 (and I think not for 7, I can't remember right now) ....DOES for PSCS2 and PSCS3 and Goldscraps -- WOW --- that's a GREAT extra bit of info for this! I will add that to my blog.

    Christine Smith

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    Oh my goodness! This is going to save so much TIME and PAPER (from keeping track of credits). Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Cherry47 View Post
    I wonder if it works with PSE5?
    I just tried it with PSE 5.0 & it worked

  6. This is so helpful! I'm on a free trial of PSCS3 and I had been struggling with it quite a bit. I tried this out and everything I had been fighting with was no longer an issue! Thanks for the tip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by starwarsfans View Post
    Oh my goodness! This is going to save so much TIME and PAPER (from keeping track of credits). Thanks so much for sharing!
    This is for PSE 5 only

    I used to write all of my file names down on a piece of paper too but there's another trick that also works if you're opening multiple files at a time.

    Open the files you're going to use the regular way File>Open or Ctrl>O, use the Move Tool (V) and drag your file from the photo bin UP to your blank scrapbook page. The bigger files like digital paper and photos take a little bit but smaller items move really fast. Now your layer name is your file name. As compared to when you drag your file down to your blank page in your photo bin it's named Layer 1, Layer 2, etc.

    Save your scrapbook page as a psd file and you'll always know the file name for each layer.
    Patty Debowski

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    Wow, great tips!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I was amazed to see an incoming link to my blog again from this page. I have more info on jazzing up your workflow in Photoshop and Elements on my blog - just finished a few days of detailed tutorials.
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  10. I'm sure glad it was bumped so I could find it. Great little tip!!! Thanks Amy!!
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