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Thread: November Progressive Challenge

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    yes you can. ..refer to rule #2: 2. Add only the items listed in the step for that week, although you may add/alter shadows at any time.

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    I wanted to upload my step one to the gallery, but I keep getting that error message, that a lot of you ladies have been getting lately! Guess, I'll just have to keep trying. O.k., it worked now - so here it is, my step 1!

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  3. step 1

    This paper may be too fussy but I really like it so I'm going to chance it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 6grand View Post
    ....oh Lone.....what a nasty grin that was!!!!!!!

    For PSE users I click on the paper with the move tool active, then click on the top left transform box. In the tool bar at the top you will see the width and height boxes. I simply click in the width box and reduce it to 96%. That reduces the paper a quarter of an inch on all sides. Make sure that constrain proportions is checked.
    What a great trick to know. I just started PSE10 a month so so ago so the more pointers the better. Thanks

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    Here is my Step 1

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    Thanks for the shadow, added some.

    My first step:

    I use "Bouquet de Music" - Maria Design
    creative greetings,

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    These are looking GREAT!!

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    Step one:

    You really have me stressing the paper. I think I changed it three or four times before just picking this one.

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    hehe... sorry about that.. but hey.. the rest of the challenge is a cake walk then eh? LOL <<grin>>

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    Cake walk she says....... I am sure we will find out in the coming steps

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