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Thread: Are you a Template Junky.... Well Here's a Great Fix!!

  1. Are you a Template Junky.... Well Here's a Great Fix!!

    If you haven't seen these yet from Andrea...

    well ... It's sure time to check them out!!
    (All of them come in both 12 x 12 and 8 1/2 x 11)

    So.. Sit back.. grab a little of this and enjoy the show!

    Seeing Stars Template Set 1

    Busy Boys Template Set 1

    Template Set #1

    Template Set #2

    Template Set #3

    Template Set #4

    Template Set #5

    Template Set #6

    Template Set #7

    Template Set #8

    Template Set #9

    Template Set #10

    Template Set #11

    Floral Fantasy Templates

    Is she not the TEMPLATE QUEEN..or what?!!

    Everything you see here you can find HERE in her store and on sale now thru sunday midnight!

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    I bought the busy boy templates quite a while back and have used a few of them. Here are a couple of LOs I made with them.

    I love her templates!

  3. How true are you Debra Andrea certainly is the template queen..have been telling my kids n friends n anyone that will listen..LOL..all week seeing that i lost everything from last four years kits templates data and all my precious layouts would be nice if they could help there ole mum out by buying some for her...not sure it will work but nothing to lose and I so love all of Andrea templates..had been also getting them from her blog..if anyone hasn't been there tis a must..HUGZ to you all and have a wonderful weekend..
    *SMILE* always as it cost's you nothing and your GUARANTEED of one in return:-)My house may not be a Palace but tis a HOME, take care n have a wonderful day.

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    They're wonderful. I have so many of her templates that I will have to check to see if I have them or not. If they are new I know I don't.

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    Thanks for reminding us about the classics! I am always amazed at how she comes up with such great ones every time...and no two look the same! I won't post them all here, but my gallery is pretty much an "Ode to Andrea!"

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    I'm a template junkie too and LOVE Andrea's Templates....If you don't believe me look at her blinkie in my sig!! LOL


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    I love Andrea's templates...and I have all of them I think. So thank you Andrea for helping out my layouts....they look a lot better thanks to you.

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    It's true, I love templates too! I have to be the ultimate junkie! Thanks Debra for showing these off!

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