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    Exclamation Happy Halloween!

    Just a quick note to say...

    Hope you're having lots of fun tonight!

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    Thank you Debra :) Have a great evening!!!

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    ahhhh!! That is soo cute! Going to be quiet for us! Grandkids and that is about it, maybe a scary movie!! Hope you have a Happy Halloween!!: afraid:

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    It's raining here on the west coast, so that usually means less kids - boo hoo!

    However, my dog barks every time someone comes to the door, so I won't miss that as much! He's too funny, by the time the evening is half done - he just plants himself on the arm of the couch - facing the door - waiting for the next trick or treater to come to the door!

    Happy Halloween to everyone - and be safe!

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    It's a very chilly night here in Bavaria and we haven't had many kids. but like you, Darlene, I didn't miss Tabea barking every time someone comes to the door! She just keeps sitting right by the door waiting for the kiddies to arrive. Have a great Halloween night, everybody!!

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    Granddaughter just brought the great-grands by so we could see their adorable costumes.... Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell! She will take photos of them at the Halloween party so I didn't take any as they were still in the car with the dad. Don't expect many as we had 2 last year. Will see now that more homes have sold this year.

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    Happy Halloween! I just finished trick or treating and I'm frozen solid!!! The kids were wearing their winter coats and sweat clothes under their costumes and were still cold. Geez....

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    Sounds like it's almost too uncomfortable to trick or treat in lots of places. San Diego is always great for Halloween, and the kids don't usually have to wear anything but their costumes. We didn't get as many this year as we had candy, so... Oh, well, I can think of many ways to get rid of the chocolate that's left.

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    Hope you all had fun!

    Oh the dogs barking.. we have 3 in the house at the moment but we were out trick or treating and thankfully missed their craziness with each knock at the door which must have been alot as they were worn out looking by the time we got home. :)

    Marcie... cold here the time we got home and Hannah warmed up, she conked right out - even with the sugar rush of "sampling" her stash!

    Dona.. so jealous.. sure would love to have a litle warmth of the Cali weather this time of year .. last year it snowed here the week before Halloween!

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