Boy I have been busy and it has been even busier at GDS []

It has been devastating watching the TV and seeing the destruction from Hurricane Sandy. I hope you are safe and have not been impacted too terribly. If you have been I wish you a speedy recovery from the chaos.

It is Halloween night here in Australia. I must say the shops are getting more and more stuff every year but I am still to see anyone knock on my door. I did pick up some lollies yesterday just in case as we have some young families around us.So wishing those who celebrate a fun night.

I have played with some more art backgrounds. These are more dark and based on photos of a fantastic old cemetery in Scotland. I have the full set of 5 on the store and if you like them I have them as a Halloween treat for only $2.25 until the end of the month actually until midnight on the first. Here is a look. There are more closeups in the store and the image is linked.

Enjoy your scrapbooking and if you are on facebook head over to the GDS page for a gift from me.