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    I have two external drives, (500 Gig each) so I "keep and do" on one, and periodically I will zip those folders and store them on the other, but I have got to start burning them to dvd, too. I keep my C drive for running proggys alone, saving all the empty space for vm. My second internal drive is so full it burps! Heaven help the addicted such as we!

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  2. hmmm, might be time to invest in an external hard drive I think... reading everyones replies on here it woudl make a lot of sense, and wouldn't fill the computer up :)

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    I'm glad I saw this post because I'm looking into getting an external hard drive myself. Any suggestions as to which brand? The one I'm looking into is a 250 GB Seagate.

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    I have a 300 or maybe its a 500 GB Seagate and for a few things I have read, I might choose another brand, but I am also kind of clueless with the whole techie stuff.


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    Seagates are excellent EHD...and the brand "My Book" is made by same company - from what I've been told. I have both - and they are both excellent. Only 2 I know.

    Office Depot by me has the My Books on sale -too. Though you can probably find all of them on sale somewhere right now - after Christmas.

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    I have an external drive and they are awesome as long as your husband doesn't drop it on the floor and you then lose everything, thankfully he had backed everything up two days prior to the drop on to his computer so I didn't lose much. Don't know what brand my new one is because I forgot it in VA while visting my daughters for Christmas. Thankfully will get it back on Sunday when we bring Madeline back home.
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  7. I too have an external it, the book! Very easy to make new folders and stay organized...I am drooling to purchase the ADcSee organizer program. I like the ability to have everything on my external, than I can work on laptop or main puter. I too back all onto CD's every other month. I would cry buckets to lose one file!! lol

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    Okay! I have a Lacie ehd, and it has been great. Then, just the other day (with no other problems) I opened to find a large folder completely missing. I can't remember, but it could be the first thing I put on the ehd. Is it possible that the thing ran out of space and started dumping the early stuff? What is going on? Help!

  9. I've been thinking about getting an external hard drive, too: I've been having to weed through my scrapping stuff periodically to keep our disk from overflowing. I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem!
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