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    Question past and current designers

    When a challenge specifies that a certain percentage of the lay out needs to be done with GDS products, can past designers' products be included, or just current designers? I want to make sure I do this right.

    On a different note, when organizing files/kits, I have a separate folder for GDS products, which contains a folder for each designer. Would you then remove the past designers to a different folder than GDS? Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

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    Scrappers organize in many ways. Usually it is what makes sense to each person. On the other hand, I've learned a lot from the suggestions listed in the GDS forums.

    So, that said.... I do the same as you (separate GDS folder with each designer's folder inside that.)

    When a designer retires I just add _retired to the designer's folder name. For example: Carena's Designs_retired.
    Hope this helps. Really, anything that works for you is best.

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    I organize my kits by designer name then kit name. Many designers also sell elsewhere so it makes sense to keep them by designer instead of trying to remember which shop name I put them under. I don't put all of a designer's kits into a folder under the designer name as I like to be able to see at a glance which kits I have. The GDS collabs are arranged as GoDS --> Kit name and date of release so they all end up together. Many of the DDL mini's I put in a folder under GoDS. If a kit is retired, I will add 'retired' after the kit name. Many of my designers will retire kits but stay at a shop so I would be hesitant to mark a folder with designer name - retired. As I said - I really prefer to see all my kits at a glance - so I don't like to have to search through folders to see if I have that kit or not.

    To help me - I made up a printed list of shops with their designers listed. If a designer quits, I will draw a line through their name to remind me they have moved on.

    To make sure that a kit is current... especially for the challenges.... I will double check in the GoDS shop before using it for a challenge.

    We each find whichever method works well for ourselves.
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    I think with a swap it is appreciated, not demanded to use a GDS kit?

    In my case: I bought a mini kit from Louise at sept. 16 (this year!) and used it for the progressive first step, first of october.
    With the upload I went to the shop to get the right link... no more Louise!

    I wrote in the credits: former GDS-designer.

    For organizing: I have the kits in 4 folders, in each folder the kits and the preview separeted.
    It works for me ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    The GDS Junkie Challenge and the GDS Collab kit challenge are the only challenges which require the use of current GDS product. I believe that all of the other challenges encourage the use of GDS products, but it is not mandatory. I hope this helps you :)

  6. Are they linking their layouts to the kit they used? If it's 100% GDS I'd say have them do that so the answer would be yes...current GDS Designers

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    Thanks for the answers, Patty and Jill. I put the link to the kit in the gallery description.

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