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Thread: Favorite Fonts

  1. Thanks, I've been using the font thing but really needed the tutorial. I'm sure I haven't been using it right. Thanks for sharing

  2. Love your troops tag

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosser77 View Post
    I think you should be able to get to this page without logging in -

    Check out this website, too. They have a 'grunge' category!
    I did it, I did it! Thank you!!! I grabbed a few from each - oboy - just what I needed!

    Proudly CT Scrapping for Helen!
    GDS Blinkies by Melanie!

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    I have a SERIOUS font addiction--

    *My favorites*

    SF Happiness -it looks like the cutesy alphabet from Heidi Swapp for paper scrapping
    His Name is Honey
    Gentle Redhead

    *These are all found at

    Some more good sites for free fonts- tons of free handwriting fonts that someone actually made from others' handwriting

    Go check out the fonts I listed...they are absolutely adorable!!!

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    Hi Ladies!

    I love fonts too, but recenly I like to use handwriting fonts, I love grunge and script fonts too.

    Here are some links from me: - more than 10 000 fonts(that's what they say:) in different categories

    and this one is nice: - Movie Fonts

    Thanks for the tips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by natalyna View Post

    I - more than 10 000 fonts(that's what they say:) in different categories

    O boy, I checked out the first five pages of their top 200 and closed it so fast as I good ! I liked them all. Before I know it I am going to need an extra computer to store all my goodies for scrapping

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    Quote Originally Posted by natalyna View Post
    and this one is nice: - Movie Fonts

    Thanks for the tips!
    If you like movie fonts, check this one out - it acutally has all the fonts it displays, LOL

    TV/Movie fonts at typenow

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    I, too, am another Scriptina lover. But come to think of it I haven't used it in a while. It doesn't get a lot of play in boyish pages, I guess. My current fave is Lizzie Longstocking for journaling. I also have been using Grease Monkey a lot, too.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by steph View Post
    My favourite fonts are catsup, kirsten itc, batik regular, and first grade. These are all fonts that came with my Creating Keepsakes program that I use to do my layouts. I'm not sure if you can get them any where else.

    I would love to buy the fonts at but I need money and I don't always have

    Can I see your batik regular? The name sounds so familiar, as I know batik is a special print for cloth in Indonesia

  10. Thanks everyone for the great how do I find more hours in a day to check them out? I'm also a Scriptina lover. The one I like the best for a fancy title is Beautiful ES and Beautiful Caps ES Swash Capitols.

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