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Thread: Favorite Fonts

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    Quote Originally Posted by inge View Post

    I really need to get them organized ! Or does anyone know how you get them previewed in PS7.
    I don't know about previewing fonts in PS7 as I am a PSP user. BUT, I use The Font Thing to organise my fonts - its a free programme and I even wrote a tutorial a while back at anorther site on how to use it to organise your fonts.

    I am just about to walk out of the door, but will get the link to the download site later, and will also upload the tut and share the link to that if anyone is interested :)

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    thanks that would be great !

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    The tut on the Font Thing would be great! I have it but know I don't use it to it's full extent!

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    I've been using ck journaling, angelina, amaze, adorable, and easy street a lot. For some reason I find them easier for me to read! LOL


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    Aaargh. Not I'm going to go and download more fonts which means more decisions when I scrap...

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    Right now I love using the grungy and dirty typewriter fonts.
    Also grungy block letters. There are so many!
    I'm a font-a-holic, too!

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    Ok, sorry this has taken me longer to get back to than I had hoped, but it is all uploaded now!

    The Font Thing can be downloaded here

    And the tutorial can be downloaded here

    Hope it helps :)

    There are other font organising programmes, but I prefer this one - plus, it's free! lol!!

  8. Sorry Joy, I am not familiar with PS7

    Favorite font at the moment is Porcelain... it's a script font and to me, beautiful!

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    I admit it. I'm a font junkie. I have over 3,000. Not installed (!), though, or my computer would be in a bog. Fontlove would be unbearable without The Font Thing. One of life's fabulous freebies! You can get more info and the download here:

    The funny thing is, I use only a handful for scrapping. Bradley Hand is a fav - especially since one of my DS name is Bradley. I also like Andy, Scriptina, Retrofit Light, and Chinacat. I'm still looking for one that looks chalky or sort of grungy. Any suggestions?

    I've tried registering twice at TwoPeas because they have some interesting fonts and other things, but I still can't login. Yep, I cleared the browser cache, eliminated the cookies; all of it. I wrote them twice, but got no help - not even an answer.

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    I think you should be able to get to this page without logging in -

    Check out this website, too. They have a 'grunge' category!
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