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Thread: Favorite Fonts

  1. Smile Favorite Fonts

    What's your all time favorite font? You know, the one you kinda find yourself choosing all the time?

    And anyone have favorite freebie font sites they want to share a link to?

  2. is one of my favorite.. and I love the "trashed" font!

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    Bradley Hand for journaling, Brock Script for fancy stuff. Both are very readable at small and large sizes. And CK Opa's hand if I'm looking for a more "heritage" look.

    I do experiment with others fairly often, just depends on what I'm trying to accomplish.

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    I am a complete fontaholic and have thousands (literally!!) of fonts. And, I seem to go through stages of which ones I use - I used to use curlz mt all the time cos it was one of my girls' faves, now I vary a lot! I like Bradley hand, university roman and comic sans, too!! Maybe I should just say that I don't have a favourite!!

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    My new fav is Lovitz because it reminds me of Junkitz and I am a Junkitz nut LOL I also use Luna Bar and Monika a lot for handwriting type fonts.

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    I do have loads of fonts but one i love to use when i do the right layout is
    Scriptina. It's just lovely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beany View Post
    I do have loads of fonts but one i love to use when i do the right layout is
    Scriptina. It's just lovely.
    Scriptina is one of my favorites too. I'm also a fontaholic and I don't want to be cured either, lol. I love most of the 2 Peas fonts and just recently found a new favorite, but I haven't bought it yet - Swan Song by Canada Type. I couldn't pick just one, lol.

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  8. Alice... what a pretty font that is!

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    My favourite fonts are catsup, kirsten itc, batik regular, and first grade. These are all fonts that came with my Creating Keepsakes program that I use to do my layouts. I'm not sure if you can get them any where else.

    I would love to buy the fonts at but I need money and I don't always have


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    here another Scriptina lover
    I use Anke Calligraph a lot too

    most of my fonts come from :

    I really need to get them organized ! Or does anyone know how you get them previewed in PS7.

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