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    Scrapper of the Week ! September 19, 2012

    Congratulations Julieintn!

    Julieintn - Jules

    This week our Scrapper of the Week is Julieintn!

    Here is the link for her gallery.

    1). How and when did you get into digi-scrapping?
    I have been digi-scrapping since probably 2008. It started when I was working for an art company doing store graphics and web things, and I decided to try my hand at creating both kits and pages to print.

    2). Where are you from and tell us a little about yourself; where you're from and perhaps about your family?
    I have lived a few places, I grew up in Longview, WA and then spent 20+ years in Nashville TN. Last summer I moved here to Arizona, and love it! I have two children in TN ages 24 and 18, and one grand-daughter who just turned 3. I have two dogs that live with me now.

    3). If you could travel to any place in the world where would you go, with whom and why?
    Wow... I think I would go to Ireland with my boyfriend. He's part Irish and I think it would be a gorgeous place to visit.

    4). What will you purchase with your winning coupon?
    I have no idea, there are so many beautiful kits in the store, I'll just go take a peek and see what hits me. LOL

    5). What's your very favorite food?

    6). How much time do you digi-scrap per week?
    4-5 hours if I'm lucky. I'd love to have more time to play with it, that's for sure.

    7). What program do you use?
    Photoshop CS3

    8). What would you rather have, more time or more money?
    More time, definitely.

    9). What do you love most about digi-scrapping?
    I love that there is no mess, and the fact that it's digital. Anything can be colored to fit whatever I'm working on, and I feel it allows me more creativity.

    10). What layout are you most proud of creating and why (share a link, please)?
    This is the hard one, because I love so many of my layouts for different reasons. Most of my older ones are no longer online, but I really love this one because it's the first one I did with both my dogs.

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    Congrats Jules....Great to learn more about you!

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    Congratulations Jules! Love to see your layouts!
    creative greetings,

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    Congrats on SOTW! Good to find out more about the person behind the layouts!

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    It was great learning more about you. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations, Jules. Great layouts so a well-deserved honor. Fun to learn more about you.

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    Hi nice to meet you! Congrats on SOTW!

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    So great to get to know you a bit more Jules! Congratulations on being Scrapper of the Week!

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