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Thread: October Progressive Challenge

  1. step 4

    When I looked at the list I thought "Oh my that's just too much stuff, the photo will be lost", BUT I was wrong. hmm just shows What do I know?

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    Have my page done but can't get the gallery to accept my upload right now!! Tried uploading to a different gallery at another forum and it worked with no problems. < sigh > Will be back to up load the layout as soon as I can get it into the gallery.

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    Finally got the page to upload to the gallery after several tries over a few hours. Not sure what the hold-up was. Just glad I able to get it loaded.

    Since the upper left corner of the framed photo was quite close to the center - I ended up extending the clusters items a bit past both centers so they looked in proportion to the the photo.

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    Step 4

    My Theme Element is the Tree

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    these are GREAT!

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    And here is mine.
    The element I wanted to add (eh... 2!) are the broom and the hat.
    My daughter is supposed to be a witch here, so these two items were needed!

    The second string is the one the spider is hanging on!

    creative greetings,

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    Well done Els! Great imagination! :)

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    I can't open PSE8! Don't know what the problem is, but have tried several times, and rebooted, but it still won't open. Needless to say, I can't finish this step until it gets fixed....

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    Okay, this step definitely made up for the ease of the previous ones! I redid this about ten times and I'm still not sure if I'm happy with it.


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