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Thread: And the Winners are.... for Name me Win me...

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    And the Winners are.... for Name me Win me...

    Yes, you read correctly, there are two winners!! I picked a second name for this other kit!

    And the winners are ... Kim! (griest) - saphire seas (love,love it!)
    and ... Gayle (mom2two) - castaway (can you see how it fits the kit?)

    COngratulations and thank you !!

    My kits are all ready and should be in the store anytime now, so I'll be able to get the coupons to you in the next few days.

    Oh, and could I just take the chance to show you two layouts I created?

    Thanks for looking!

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    Great names! congrats, ladies!
    ~~Julie P.~~

  3. Beautiful kits - fabulous names and 2 great layouts!
    Congrats to all!
    love and light

    I don't know whether to be a good example or a horrible warning!!!

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    congrats - fab names for fab kits :)

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    Great names!!!
    Love them...
    but isn't sapphire spelled with 2 "p"'s???

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    Perfect choices for your lovely kits!

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    Awesome layouts, yin. Good name choices, too.

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    Thanks for pickin' me!! I LOVE this kit and we are going on a cruise in 10 days. This will be great for some of those layouts! Thanks again--great job with both of these kits.

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    Oh no, two p's? Thanks for pointing that out Mary, I'll see if I can change it before it gets to the store ;p was never too good with spelling ..haha

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    Obviously I wasn't the greatest in spelling either, LOL, but we can always blame it on our typing skills!

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