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Thread: Hello

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    I go by Sea Lights and I am a 38 year old wife and mother of three girls and I am from Texas. I have been in crafts and arts all my life, from hand sewing, to paints to carpentry. I have learned how to do digital arts over the past 10 years or so. I started scrapbook my senior year in high school. I really enjoy it and all the time it takes to create and make one book. I started my own business in graphic design back in 2010. Mainly working on branding and business cards. Now I am wanting to see if I can add digital scrapbooking and greeting cards to my business. I made my parents each an ancestry book for Christmas last year and did the who project digital. I found it was very rewarding for me not only to do something nice for my parents but also the work that was done came out really nice and worth all the time and effort put into it. I am always open to new ideas and advice.

    Nice to meet Everyone,
    Sea Lights

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    Welcome Sea Lights,
    Have fun at GDS, like to see what you make ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    Welcome Sea Lights. I hope you find lots of inspiration here. There are lots of friendly people to help if you have any questions and the challenges and classes are great when you are learning.

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    Welcome to GDS! You have definitely found a great site for inspiration!

    We look forward to seeing your great creations!

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    Thank you for the warm welcome.

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    Welcome Sea Lights - sounds like you're a very creative person. Lots of challenges and projects to challenge that here!

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    Thank you all for the very warm welcomes. Saturday was my 38th birthday and i have been celebrating it with my family these past few days. Once I get all the pictures uploaded to my computer I will create a page for all to see. :~)

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    Fantastic. Happy Birthday and look forward to seeing your pic.

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    Welcome to GDS! I also enjoy the preparation of ancestry/heritage pages, and look forward to seeing yours!

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    Welcome to GDS, Sea Lights! So glad that you've joined us :)

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