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Thread: Final ASOTB monthly challenge!

  1. Final ASOTB monthly challenge!

    This month is the last month for regular ASOTB challenges.
    I am opting for the misc. challenge instead.
    I hope you enjoy this one!

    Burn, Baby,BURN!

    That is our topic.

    Burned food, burned possessions, the Burn tool in photoshop,

    a memory of being "burned" (slang for done wrong) by someone, burning calories, a really bad sunburn... whatever comes into your head- create a page about it!
    A hot coupon worth $3.00 will be given to each participant!

  2. Oh! I have the perfect moment in mind for this... let's see how it translates into a page... I'll be back!

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    Haha, last one in the past month, this month the first.
    I actually made 2 pages. The first thing came to mind for me was all the times in my life i felt like i was burned down to the ground. They are both about that, but couldn't choose which i liked best

    The first:

    The second:

    Click to go to my blog:

  4. They are both excellent!!!!!

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    Burning bridges!

  6. Well done and great sentiment!

  7. I really went a different way with this one. I used one of my own fire photos and some lyrics with background papers from the Art for Scrapbooking kit Dreaming. On the top paper I used linear burn blend mode, and lighter blend mode for the fire.

    Here it is.

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    LOVE the layouts so far. Off to see if I can create fire in older version of photoshop...

  9. Thanks everyone for the fun while this challenge ran!

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