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Thread: August Progressive Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by britnkaysmemaw2 View Post
    Ok how did you get your waves so smooth and nice?? mine are all jagged like jack o lantern teeth! there has to be a better way!

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    Christina, I used the shape in PSE that looks like three waves. I simplified the layer, then used the marquee tool to select them one at a time and layer via cut. Then I enlarged the shapes to go all the way across, and then clipped a paper to each of them. Maybe this will help.

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    Thank you for those tips!
    Never thought about erasing the tops...!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bright Eyes View Post
    I have PSE 10. I followed Scrapinsass' directions:

    "To cut the waves... use your polygnol lasso tool to make a wavy line across the paper going off the edge at the far side. Then bring it down an inch or so and bring it back in a wavy line to off the page on the other side; bring it up again to met the start of your first line. That should select an area with a dotted line around it. Then choose *Inverse* (In Photoshop that's Ctrl+Sht+I .. not sure what it is in Elements.. Jump in with that info Element users! Please! and Thanks! ) and delete and that will get rid of everything except your wave. "

    You don't actually have to do the 'inverse'.... just have another blank layer opened and click on the area surrounded by the blinking dotted lines and drag it onto the new open blank layer. I then used my eraser tool to smooth out some of my edges. If you want a similar wave, you can put it on another blank layer then place paper over it and do the clipping mask. Easy...

    In my page above - the smaller curved piece was one that I used the eraser on to smooth it out. But I left the slightly rougher edges on the bottom two layers. I did a horizonal flip for the middle layer so those 2 layers were slightly different.

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    well i couldnt see how to get them how I wanted so i went back to my trusty DIP9 found the flag shape, squashed it thinner duplicated it three times and joined together then fitted to canvas and i had a lovely line
    then saved as png and went back to PSE8 to finish LOL

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    Here's my step 2:

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    Great tips! .. just goes to prove the old adage.. there's more than one way to skin a cat! :) I have other ways too, but didn't want to get too technical! :) Whatever works to get the job done :) .. Great waves ladies!! :)

  7. Step 2

    ~Holli~ Mommy of two special angels

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    Ok I am super behind!!

    Step one

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    Ok I used custom shapes because I couldnt get it the way I wanted any other way!!

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