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Thread: ***new***london calling

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  1. ***new***london calling

    Hi all,

    I have to apologise for this and first of all I would like to thank Art of Scrapbooking for pointing me to some mistakes I had on the Kit.

    What happes is that as strange as it may look 2 common words like London/2012 are copyrighted, also and I know I was naive with that I tought the rings could be used if they were done from scratch and not having the same scale, spaces between them and not placed as the originals, but they would be considered too similar and for last I didn't even think people thoughts could be copyrighted but the truth is that you can't have 2 elements that will guide you to the IDEA of the Games, like the bigben and a torch together.

    Saying this, I had to redo the kit, actually I created 2 independent kits ( including adding a couple more papers and elements), one for London and england and another one for Sports. The price of the 2 kits will be the same as the original one so there won't be any changes regarding that.

    I hope you like them, Personally I like these two much more.

    Here are they


    Find the Sports Kit here:
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