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Thread: Printing: books or pages?

  1. Printing: books or pages?

    I have a lot of digital scrapbook pages finished, and I want to finally get them printed. Should I go with a book or with single pages? Which do you prefer?

    And what sort of albums do you like, if you have yours printed by the page? I will have a lot of pages!

    Mrs. Mordecai @ Be It Ever So Humble

  2. Debra can tell you a good deal about printing- GDS offers it!

  3. Do tell!
    Mrs. Mordecai @ Be It Ever So Humble

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    I print pages and books, depending on the circumstances. :-)
    If it's a self-contained event, like a vacation album, then I'll print a book. If it's just my on-going life layouts, I print pages and put them in an album.
    I've been happy with this so far!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mrs.mordecai View Post
    Do tell!
    Check This out

  6. Thank you! I'm feeling slightly less overwhelmed now.
    Mrs. Mordecai @ Be It Ever So Humble

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    I've been having my layouts printed as pages, some I have framed and given as gifts, or hung them on the walls at home, the rest I put into an album...I've been having mine printed by Persnickety Prints, they are prompt and I have been really happy with them. They have a flat $10 international shipping rate which is good. They don't print books for overseas orders though..

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