Post any questions you might have about any of the lessons here and I will reply with an answer. Make sure you tell me what lesson you are asking about and what page in the tutorial you are having trouble with if applicable. I generally check questions several times a day. If you notice a delay in getting your question answered, feel free to remind me. I am probably pondering the best answer for you and will post as soon as possible but don't be afraid to ask again in case I missed it. The forum emails me when there is a new post but rarely a question may end up in my spam folder. Also, I am not online on Sundays so I answer anHi Everyone! Welcome to the class! I would like for you to all reply to this message and introduce yourselves so we can all get to know each other a little. Also, tell me what version of Photoshop you are using, whether you are using a MAC or a PC, and what operating system you are running. That way, I can answer your questions more specifically without having to ask for that information first. :) Thanks!

I hope you enjoy the class!

Here is some class information:

The lessons will be posted under the main thread. All of the lessons will be posted on the first day of class for you to work at your own pace. There are 12 lessons total. That works out to be three lessons per week for the next four weeks. I encourage you to download all of the lessons as soon as they are posted.

You can use the "Manage Attachments" button located towards the bottom of your reply page to attach screen shots when you have questions about the lessons. Each lesson includes a tutorial and a homework page. These can be read in the free adobe acrobat. In the newest free version, you can even make notes right on the tutorial and save them with the tutorial using the comments tool. You cannot open the tutorials in Photoshop.

Also, if you are using a MAC and you find a place where I didn't include a MAC shortcut, here are the conversions...

PC Control button = MAC Command button
PC ALT button = MAC Option button
PC right click = MAC Control Click

If you have any questions at all, please ask. I'm here to help and there are no stupid questions. Photoshop is a very complex program and it can make you crazy if you let it. Here are the topics:

Lesson 1a
1.Creating and working with image files
2.The menu bar
3.The status and options bars
4.Undo, step backward, step forward
5.Keyboard shortcuts
6.Save for web feature

Lesson 1b
1.Image Mode
2.Image Size
3.Canvas Size
4.Rotate Canvas
6.Reveal All

Lesson 1c
1.The tool box
2.The palette well
3.Important palettes
4.The color picker

Lesson 2a
1.The layers palette

Lesson 2b
1.Accessing layer styles
2.The “Layer Style” dialog box
3.Saving layer styles
4.The styles palette menu
5.Viewing, copying, and clearing layer styles

Lesson 2c
1.Text options
2.The character palette
3.The paragraph palette
4.Changing the shape and direction of text
5.Resetting characters and paragraphs

Lesson 3a
1.The tool preset picker
2.The preset manager
3.The brush tool
4.The shape tool
5.The paint bucket tool
6.The burn and dodge tools
7.The blur tool
8.The smudge tool
9.Basic custom gradients

Lesson 3b
1.The tool presets palette
2.The actions palette.
3.The paths palette

Lesson 3c
1.Cropping images.
2.Basic photo adjustments
4.Adjustment layers

Lesson 4a
1.Layer masks.
4.Basic filters
5.Changing colors

Lesson 4b
1.The place command
3.Spell check.
5.Scratch disks
7.Screen mode
8.Work space

Lesson 4c
1.Basic quality techniques
2.Creating your own brushes, patterns, and shapes
3.Ribbons, brads, and eyelets
4.Paper basicsy Sunday questions on Monday. :)